A brief information about me and my family. My name is Ivo Yanakiev and I’m 41 years old.I was born in Burgas,Bulgaria.

I’ve come from a sporty family: my mother and my father are both world  champions.My mother   in  kayak   and my father in rowing , both in the same year   1977.

I started my rowing  career as a junior back in 1989 and I quit it  in 2008

I have been tree times Olympian.

In Sydney 2000   I  finished – 5th place in the discipline Man single sculls

in Athens 2004  I won the bronze medal  in Men single sculls

In Beijing 2008  I finished  in  10place in the discipline men double sculls together  with my younger brother Martin.I have row together with him for several years and we have 4th and 5th  plases on World Championships also in M2x

After I have finished my rowing career I’ve  worked in Bulgarian Ministry of sport ,l’ve been an assistant coach in Azerbaijan national rowing team  and I have worked as a rowing coach and personal conditioning trainer at  my home club in Burgas.

I am married for 3 years to my lovely wife Annie ( Aneliya ).She is 31 and is from Varna,Bulgaria.

Lately she works as a make up artist  – that’s her hobby,wich she is trying to turn  into a job.

We have a year and  nine months old boy,his name is Adi ( Adrian )

My hobbies are:  mountain biking,windsurfing, alpine skiing and trekking.

As a family we love to spend our spear time together.We  love to hike and to ski together.

We both like Italian cuisine and sea food.

We are really exited of the new possibilities thet are open up for us here.

This is an adventure for us and we hope we’ll  find many good  friends along the way !

Ivo Yanakiev in single sculler.

Ivo Yanakiev in single sculler.

Ivo with his wife Ani and son Adi.

Ivo with his wife Aneliya and son Adrian.